RVing Illustrated Podcast – Episode 5 – Getting your RV groceries from Aldi

In today’s episode we will share with you about one of our favorite grocery stores, Aldi. We would love to hear from you if enjoy Aldi liek we do or possibly another great grocery store where you save money. Please leave a voicemail by clicking on the “Send Voicemail” tab on the right of the screen, or send us an email at podcast@rvingillustrated.com. If we use your question, tip or comment on a future podcast, we will send you a couple free RVing Illustrated decals.

Aldi Is Not Your Mama’s Piggly Wiggly:


1 – A quarter for a shopping cart

A quarter for a shpping cart – The shopping csrts are locked up near the front door of the store. Insert a quarter to unlock one. Return the cart and get your quarter back. This saves the customer money because Aldi isn’t having to pay staff to wrangle shopping carts. It also keeps their shopping carts in good repair so that they don’t have to keep replacing them as much. They pass on some of this cost savings to the customer.

2 – No shopping bags

Aldi doesn’t provide free shopping bags, instead they encourage customers to bring their own reusable bags. This is a cost savings and is good for the environment. But you can pick up some of their boxes and use them for free.

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3 – Small stores

Aldi’s stores are way smaller than most grocery stores. This saves in building costs and the cost of electricity. They pass some of this savings on to the customers.

4 – No frills

Aldi’s does not waste money on elaborate product displays. The store is laid out in a very simple design with simple shelving. For most of the products they simply open the cardboard box the food is in and put the box on the shelf. This saves money but also saves tons of time for the staff who is stocking the shelves. When the boxes are emptied they leave them in a bin where customers can grab one in case they forgot to bring a reusable bag. Once again lest cost and less waste.

5 – The flow

Aldi stores are laid out in a flow that resembles the waiting lines for a roller coaster. This guides customers through the store in an efficient manner (kinda like Ikea does). We like this design because it helps us to avoid additional shopping and gets us out of the store quicker.

6 – No coupons

Aldi’s does not accept coupons. This could be a deal breaker for some. But to us it is a good thing because we can spend less time clipping coupons and we still feel like we get a good deal on our groceries.

What we love about Aldi’s:


1 –  The prices

Great groceries at a really fair price.

2 – The produce department

We love fresh veggies and fruits and find that we can get some of the best organic produce prices around at Aldi’s.

3 – The dairy department

We love cheese and we find Aldi has some of the yummiest cheeses at the best prices. They also have great prices on eggs. They are somewhere around $.50/dozen

4 – Gluten free items

For a small grocery store we find some of the best Gluten Free products at Aldi for great prices. This week I got a loaf of GF bread for $3.99   They also have GF buns, pasta, crackers, cookie mix, brownie mix, granola, and much more.

5 – National brands

While Aldi’s doesn’t stock many national brand products, they do stock some. We buy Duke’s mayonnaise and Nathan’s hot dogs there. The hot dogs cost about $2.89.

6 – Aldi brands

We find that Aldi’s brands are very good. We recommend trying them as we haven’t really found many that we don’t like. We love their ketchup!  And much more.

If you want to see if there is an Aldi’s near you go to www.aldi.us. 

Check out our video of our latest trip to Aldi!

We hope you have enjoyed this podcast and our tips.

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