Happy Camper?

It always amazes me that campers disagree and even argue about what camping is. Some campers are passionate that there is only one right way to camp. Their way.  Let’s not get so serious that we take the recreation out of recreational vehicle. In camping, just as in everything else there is variety.  There are all types of campers with all types of motivations. I would like to refer you to CampyMom’s great article on Camping Personalities http://alittlecampy.com/camping-personality-what-type-of-camper-are-you/ and I would like to elaborate by introducing a few of my own camping personality types. 

 For example, there is the Purist. He is at his happiest when he can get far off the beaten path and commune with Mother Nature. He makes his own granola and he tries to leave the smallest carbon footprint that he can. He like trees and birds better than other campers. He is elusive, you will probably never see him because he blends in with his surroundings and he wouldn’t be caught dead in a campground.  He is like the Adventure Camper but he is way more serious about it.

 Or how about the high adrenaline camper. He rolls up in his hugh Raptor toy hauler. His hair is spiked up and he is sporting some wicked ink. He and his crew are loud. They play hard,party harder and are fearless.  They straddle dirt bikes and ATVs like modern cowboys and ride off into the mud. They don’t care where they camp as long as there is a place to ride or something to jump over or something to jump off of. Other campers may cringe when they roll up next door, but deep inside they envy the adrenaline camper, because they know he is grabbing  life by the horns.

Then there is the frugal camper. These guys used to be rare but lately have become much more common. The frugal camper sees camping as an affordable way to travel in this down economy. No airfare, no expensive hotel rooms, no restaurant bills. This guy is handy. He can sniff out a great deal on a used RV and has the skills to refurbish it himself and make it nicer that it was when it was new. He is efficient and crafty.   Other campers may make jokes at the frugal camper’s expense, but if they were honest they would have to admit that they are impressed by his savings savvy.  

The Silver Fox Camper. The Silver Fox  Camper has already paid his dues to society. He already did his time in Corporate American and now he and his wife are full timer RVrs. The Silver Fox Camper has seen it all and has the coffee mug to prove it. He has probably even checked some of you in to your favorite campgrounds. He goes South when the snow starts falling and he spends his summers in places like Colorado and Michigan. He knows his rig like the back of his hand and he knows the best route to take from Tempe to Memphis. He is the wise sage of the open road. Most of us weekend warriors aspire to one day own the road like the Silver Fox Camper. 

Then there is the Hybrid Camper. The Hybrid Camper is a hodge podge of many for the camper personalities. For example, Brian and I are probably Hybrid Campers. He was more of an adventurist/purist camper. He knew he had arrived at his campsite when he saw the sign that said no camping past this point.  He was living the dream until he fell in love with me, the Diva/Adrenaline camper. I spent my teenage weekends and summers riding in an RV chasing my little brother from dirt track to dirt track. We had a nice Class A rig at the time only because toyhaulers had not yet been invented. Behind that RV was a trailor full of Kawasakis. My brother was quite the speed demon. The Diva in me brought a full wardrobe and tons of make up on each trip and needed the creature comforts that came with that RV. Shower with warm water, hair dryer etc. Brian tried to make a tent camper out of me but my heart and pedicure just wasn’t in it. So our first compromise was a brand new pop up camper. It was like a little piece of heaven to me and it wasn’t too bad of a concession for my tent loving husband. Unfortunately we ended up having to sell the pop up. We tried to make do traveling the traditional way, staying in hotels. On one fateful trip to Myrtle Beach we stayed in a brand new beautiful hotel overlooking the Atlantic. But the trip was marred by elevators that didn’t work and some other things I am too tasteful to discuss here. Suffice it to say, it was just gross staying in this very nice new hotel. On the way home I suggested to Brian that we get back into camping. And so our adventure in RVing began anew. This time we opted for a travel trailer and we have loved every single moment of it.

The point that I am trying to make here is that each of us has to find their own “Happy Camper” state of mind. There is no wrong way to enjoy camping. Just different ways. Here’s wishing “Happy Camping” to all!