Beer today – gone tomorrow! A review of Ocean Lakes Family Campground

We wanted to give a fair and unbiased review of Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Myrtle Beach, SC and maybe share a little more information than you might read elsewhere. Let’s start off with the reservation system. We really like it. It was fairly easy to use. Insert your parameters and it will tell you what sites are available, how big they are, how close you will be to the ocean, if you can use slide outs and awnings. We do like the fact that you are picking a specific site. Other places will just put you in certain areas. I downloaded their site map and in conjunction with Google Maps, I was able to pretty much get an idea of what and where we would be. One thing I did like is that they only charged roughly 40-50% of the fees up front. Other places charge you 100% at the time you make the reservation. I did think that I would be able to pay the rest when we arrived, but about 2 weeks before our trip, they charged the rest to our credit card and entered us into their “Express Check-in”. I didn’t remember asking to do that, but I am happy that it happened. With Express Check-in, they will send you a packet right before your trip. Included is your vehicle pass to enter. You display it from your rear view mirror and just drive in. No need to stop and go inside.

Sites: Getting to your site can be tricky. Pay attention to their map. They show avenues for large rigs. Follow their advice or you will be cursing before you get to your site. The sites are pull through. Although the sites are fairly decent in size, the side roads aren’t. It took a couple of times pulling in and backing up to get it where I wanted it. The site we chose had a concrete pad. Very level side to side. Maybe a very slight incline/decline for water run off lengthwise. There was little grass in our site. Although we did see many other sites with plenty of green grass. But there were plenty of sand burrs. We were continuously picking them out of the carpet and sofa the whole trip. We were not the only ones. Another couple staying in a site several sections away, said they had the same problem.

Wifi: …or lets say no wifi at our site. Sporadic at best. We arrived on Friday and had trouble that weekend with the wifi coming and going. Posted about it on their Facebook page and was told to call the front desk. I tried calling a couple times on Sunday and the phone just rang and rang. Come to find out, the number that was posted on Facebook had a typo. I called the front desk and they gave me a number to Internet support. Called that number on Monday and they said they were aware of the problem in our section and was working on it. They said it would be fixed that day. But it wasn’t. It stayed like that the entire time. It got to the point that I turned off the wifi on my iPhone. Of course if we went up to the rec center or the Sandy Mart, it worked fine there. But that really defeated the purpose of having it available at our site. This was our biggest complaint.

Golf Carts: We decided to rent a golf cart when we got there and it was the best decision. Ocean Lakes is a huge place. You could walk or ride a bike and many did. But it was easier and a lot more fun riding the golf carts. Saturday night we heard someone mention about “high fives”. If you read our other article, then you will already know what it is. But at night, after the sun goes down, carts will cruise the main strip that parallels the ocean. As they you pass by a cart, you reach out and give a high five to the other. This became a nightly ritual for us. We enjoyed it so much that we ended up buying a golf cart from Ocean Lakes. It was one of their previous fleet carts. We plan to customize it to our own liking, like many of the other carts there. There were a lot of carts there at the campground, but everyone we saw pretty much behaved in them and caused no safety risks. Security was out in full force at night for the cruising and stopped carts for various reasons. Note! If you have your own golf cart, and bring it in the back of your truck, they have a loading/unloading ramp near the South Gate that makes it a breeze to load/unload.

Facilities: There is plenty of stuff to do at Ocean Lakes. The recreation center has a good daily schedule of things to do. There is also an indoor and outdoor pool. The bathrooms were kept in pretty good shape. About as clean as one might expect. We did not visit them very often. There is Sandy Mart. It’s a convenience store located there that carries everything from groceries to souvenirs to fishing bait. There is also the “Meet N Eat”. Where you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert. They open early and close late. Prices are decent. They have a place to wash clothes called “Soapy Suds”. We used the facilities one night there to catch up on some laundry. It was clean and fairly modern. We sat outside at the picnic tables and used the wifi, which worked great there.

Well you may be wondering why we chose the title “Beer today, gone tomorrow”. It’s all due to the fact that our cooler was stolen the last night we stayed there. It was found near the ocean minus the beer that was in it. Just a tip, secure your coolers at night, it appears that Yogi bear is surfing these days.

All in all, we would give Ocean Lakes an 9 out of 10. The only thing that would of made it better would be nicer landscaping and working wifi throughout. But with a place the size of Ocean Lakes and with it’s popularity, we think it’s doing just fine.

Ocean Lakes is located at 6001 South Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29575. You can reach them by telephone at 1-877-510-1413 for campsite reservations.